Definition and Function of the bearing cage

The bearing cage is a bearing part that covers the rolling components as well as relocations with it. It is generally used to isolate the rolling components, as well as typically overviews the moving aspects and maintains them in the bearing, such as SKR Roller Bearing Set [ชุดตลับลูกปืนลูกกลิ้ง SKR, which is the term in Thai].


The function of the bearing cage:


  • The role of the cage in sensible applications:


The result of the cage on the rate, such as 81207 bearings, the layout restriction speed of the brass cage is about 2500r/minute, as well as the layout speed of a marking cage is up to 6000r/minute.


  • Keep the impact of framework precision on birthing fatigue peeling:


When the cage, specifically the casts iron cage, is flawed, the moving components, as well as the cage kind strong friction, the surface of the rolling components is high, the solidity is reduced, as well as they peel off under heavy tons.


  • The result of cage structure on service life, for example: 


When spherical roller bearings CA, CC, or MB are going for high speed, the temperature rise of the bearing is different as a result of the different cage structures.


  • The product of the bearing cage:


When the rolling bearing is working, the bearing heats up as well as puts on due to gliding friction. Particularly under high-temperature operating problems, the action of inertial centrifugal force aggravates friction, wear, as well as warmth. In severe cases, it will cause the cage to damage or burn, triggering the birthing to stop working to work generally. For that reason, in addition to a particular strength, the product of the cage has to likewise have great thermal conductivity, good wear resistance, reduced rubbing factor, low thickness, strong influence sturdiness, and a linear development coefficient near the rolling element. In addition, the marking cage requires to withstand more complicated marking deformation, and the product is additionally called for to have good handling buildings. On some exceptionally demanding cages, some still have a layer of silver.

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